Steps To Writing A Song

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For the gifted few, who have it in them to write beautiful verses of heart touching lyrics, comes with a sheer thrill of writing a song. Not only of what comes from within you, but looking and opening your mind to garner inspiration from whatever you see in front of you, and hear around you. Whether it’s a well-known lyricist, an experience that you’ve had, or your current state of mind, can all give you the exposure you need to come up with a good song. The process of writing a song, though it sounds easy is like learning to dance or even play an instrument. You will start off frustrated because of your inability to put up good work, but eventually you will get there. Given below are tips to help you in writing a good song if you wish to take it.
The selection of a topic
When you are writing a song, the lyrics need to come from within you, and be about things that you may have experienced over time in your life. It has to have a soul, and be as realistic as possible for people to relate to it, believe it, and understand the underlying feelings of the song when it is being sung in public. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing for yourself, or a different person, the simple rule of the song having to be realistic has to be adhered to. If the topic is not believable, and meaningful to you, it would not be an easy task to sell the song to anyone.

One way to bring together all the ideas that you can think of is brainstorming. This is the part where you can write down about all your feelings pertaining to a situation, and be as creative as you want whilst at it. There is no need to have to conform your thoughts and ideas into lyrics just yet, therefore the freedom that you give yourself without having any added pressure, will allow you to come up with much better content, than having to write under pressure. The writing of lyrics and going to a recording studio Sydney are all process that comes after this step.
Lyric writing
Once you have got the topic and ideas sorted, it is now time to start writing your song. You can also take out whatever instrument you play, and start coming up with some melodies while putting together some chords. It is then possible to start integrating the lyrics that you’ve written into the melody, and start singing out loud to get a perspective on how it sounds, and whether there is a smooth flow to it. Once the lyrics are starting to come together, and the song form is sorted, it is now time to head to the recording studio.
Putting it together
You’ve got your lyrics ready, the melody ready, and now this is the time to put it together and sing out loud. even though you may like how it’s progressing, and how it sounds, the other listeners may not enjoy it as much, which is why it is necessary to record a rough cut, and have your friends or family listen to it and give you input, in order for you be able to tweak it a little to suit the liking of your audience.
Songwriting, is tough at first but may not be as difficult as some may assume. For those of you who don’t know the tricks of the trade, read up, educate yourself, and start rolling out incredible songs.

Planning A Fun Wedding

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Your biggest wedding day will unquestionably be one of the best and the most unforgettable days of your life. Not only are you making a commitment to the love of your life but you are also celebrating the love you share with all your friends and family! Weddings, therefore, should be days of fun and festivity! People should be laughing and having a great time. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your wedding is super fun for everyone!

Keep things casual

While weddings are generally formal, especially if there is a church ceremony involved, there is no reason why you cannot have a more relaxed reception! Your reception should be the chance for everyone to celebrate and let their hair loose. Start by having a smart casual dress code – this will help keep things dressy but uncomplicated – for instance cocktail dresses but you could wear flats rather than heels and the men could choose to go with a blazer over a tux or full suit. A lot of people are eschewing a seating chart in favour of a simple reminder to ‘pick a seat not a side as two families become one’ which is a great idea! It allows people to mingle freely and saves you the stress of seating people to avoid conflict – now they can take care of that themselves!

Plan the entertainment

Your wedding, like most other weddings will have a schedule of some sort – even if it is very simple like dinner will be served at 7 and speeches will be made from 6.45 pm to 7 pm. Having a simple line up or schedule helps things stay organised and helps the party flow – which is great – you do not want a lull during your wedding. You may also want to consider hiring a company that takes care of this for you. Look for wedding entertainment Melbourne to see what is available.

A search for wedding entertainment Melbourne ay turn up a company that takes care of wedding planning, the DJ and the décor as well as additional fun things like a photo booth! These are all great ways to have fun at a wedding and create some super fun and silly memories!

Go out in style

You may also want to plan something fun for your going away at the end of the reception. While many people choose to throw confetti or flower petals, with a little effort you could do something fun and beautiful. For instance, you could hand out sparklers and run through a tunnel of sparklers made by your friends so that you leave in style.